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FRINGE ELEMENTS - birth and evolution.

Following the disastrous demonetisation stunt (november 2016) and the death of chief minister Jayalalitha (december 2016came the most scintillating marina protest aka jallikattu protest ( january 2017).

Although Jayalalitha was popular for asserting federal rights, she also had a dark history of suppressing every people's protest. She is known for her iron-fisted police atrocity over the people protesting against social problems including the tasmac protests and the most debated Koodankulam anti nuclear protest which was the huge inspiration for the marina protest. 

The Marina protest is known for its perfection, people were there every day , not just the state, the whole nation got super impressed by the sensation it created. Families came in with children like it was the most important thing to do as a true tamil. The Police couldn’t find a single thing to accuse the protesters. For the first time in history, the Police couldn't say anything or were not allowed to say anything, they were muted by the people's army. 
The uniformed men were taking rest, they were simply watching the protest as Volunteers did all the work , there was no necessity for law and order as over Ten Lakh people gathered without any specific organisers or initiation by political parties. It was magic and miracles all over. 

The motive of the protest was to legalise the traditional Jallikattu sport. The people were agitated by the ban on the game by PETA and unexpectedly the central govt also so stupidly tried to change the status of the usual pongal holidays from compulsary to restricted. It was the major trigger for the crowd inflow. It was obvious that PETA is only interested in banning jalliakattu because the sport involves native cows which  keep the culture intact.

The air was vibrant, goosebumps will catch up once we enter the beach premises, vehicles were guided and there was no traffic problem, no horn sounds, even headlights were turned off at nights. The second longest beach became a university, learned activists were teaching the common crowd, group lectures were happening, dancing and singing was also prominent. Food and water was coming from all over the state to chennai. It was the biggest celebration of the generation.

 The protest continued in the nights, people dint leave the place at any cost, people went home and came back in shifts like its their responsibility to attend the protest and keep the spirit burning. 

 People were aware that the native cows are being wiped out from our culture and the introduction of jersey cows decades back has made drastic negative changes in our health and life style. People were discussing  A1 vs A2 milk.

The volunteers in the protest were top class, we can easily hand over the state government to them. There was such a great dedication in their work and the protesting crowd also had so much discipline, it was more or less a continuation of the sensational volunteer spirit we saw in the chennai flood the previous year. we could feel the quality of the hope, unity and sovereignty that persisted and the moral standards coming from the children of the oldest civilization,.

People felt real freedom for the first time as the print and tv media were continuously portraying tamil society as casteist and backward, it was such a relief to re assure that we are not what they want us to believe we are.
We are principled at heart and we don't need any administration to guide us or governments to rule us. We were misguided for so long and its time to break the chains. It was an unwritten slogan in everyone's eyes and hearts that we are only indians for around 70 yrs but we are tamils for over 20,000 yrs. No organisation has to teach us about protecting animals as we are nature worshippers predominantly. This sudden realisation of the tamils shook the central government. The capitalistic indian power was on Red alert as as indigenous ethnic tamils had woken up from the illusion of democracy all of a sudden. They were afraid, another de facto nation might rise like in Prabhakaran's Tamil Eezham.

Initially when the protest started, some of us criticised about gathering in the beach. we were wishing the protest to have a more serious tone and wanted it to get changed to the american embassy or the airport so that the usual routine of the government and corporate powers will be disturbed. NO matter what we think, the protest is an avatar of mother nature, she knows best. The magic happened. 

Inciting incident
No politicians or big stars were allowed. Even Tv media was not allowed especially the bjp accomplice thanthi tv and other national medias.  Only News 7, the fresher channel was welcomed as it had a reputation for authentic news during the protest. Celebrities like Actor Vijay, G.V prakash and simbhu acknowledged the protest but even they were suspected. People were so careful to not allow anything that could weaken the spirit of the protest. It was solid proof that the tamil community which had been back stabbed by the cinema based politicians has become seriously vigilant finally and better days are coming. Then came R.J Balaji , Raghava Lawrence and hiphop aadhi, the only mistake the protestors did was giving these shills some extra space, as aadhi was singing for tamil pride in his recent times and as Lawrence was doing charity, they were given a chair each to sit and join the protest but those guys took it as an advantage to gain popularity.
Mid point
These three had no idea of the protest but were speaking like leaders. Most of the protesting people avoided these black sheeps and also guessed these three will be the ones spoiling it all in the end . At one point lawrence , balaji and aadhi were leading three different groups, people were unconsciously splitting into three groups but luckily the collective spirit was not disturbed.

there were several attempts by the government to stop the protest, they switched off the electricity but the crowd lit the beach with their mobile flashlights. It was more sensational than ever. The placards and slogans were making rounds, going non stop. Filthy bad words enriched the slogans, even kids were singing them and their parents took it sportively since its all a part and parcel of the fight against Fascism. It escalated quickly and soon there was no censorship as no one is going to justify the use of language when the livelihood is at stake. 

pre climax
And it happened. The black sheeps were not in the protest site the last day, they appeared back after meeting the bjp agents and released a whatsapp video each saying anti social elements infiltrated, fringe elements came in etc. 
on the contrary these three black sheeps were the actual fringe elements in the noblest protest. The expected had happened.They blamed that the protest is going out of hand recently as the Protestors suddenly started holding anti Modi, separate independent tamil nation placards etc . 
It was obvious that they got sold out because anti Modi slogans and independent tamilnadu flags were there from day one of the protest, It’s a fact and there are photos proofs of everything, Whatever they blamed was all a part of the protest, everyone were involved in it and the black sheeps also knew it. 

The people dint think it was anti social to ask for Cauvery committee or separate nation in a jallikattu protest. It was not a silly Jallikattu protest after all, People were not gathering just for the jallikattu issue as commonly believed.

Ideologies like self sustainability and resource based economy were made popular around that time by the rising tamil nationalism politics. Anti capitalistic perspective had been triggered all over the world since 2012 and Tamilnadu was a pioneer in it. The demonetisation policy also had a big part in the anger of the people. Even though the paid mainstream media was hiding the ill effects of demonetisation and Digital india projects, the people were well aware of the government's anti public welfare, corporate friendly nature.

People of the south had always been vigilant against Aryanism and after jayalalitha's death and due to Karunanidhi's inactive presence, dravidianism was also losing its glamour. Organic farming was made popular by people like Nammazhvar, environmental activists like Poovulagin nanbargal  and Piyush manush were making news. Hindutva was considered a disease in the marina protest, The awareness was spreading rapidly about india’s fascist nature. 

The system was beginning to crack but unfortunately the government was trying to dilute the protest by giving temporary solutions and promises, they also used the black sheeps to misguide the crowd. Rj. Balaji went one step further and accused the people, saying that the people suddenly started to protest against coke & Pepsi which was initially not the plan. That stupid idiot dint have a clue about the evolution of protests, the protest has a life of its own and its our responsibility to help it grow. It never went in the wrong direction and it never can. A people's protest starts like magic, it is magic. Revolutions cannot be created or triggered, we can only keep working towards it and suddenly one day it will happen, when it happens we have to serve it and not spoil it. Spoiling a revolution is the most immoral thing to do, a protest is  not for our entertainment or personal gains and it is not a picnic or a college culturals event to have fun and be done with it when we've enjoyed enough. Lawrence became a drama queen and behaved like he was shocked to see the protest breaking up, his excuse was that he had to attend the hospital for treatment and couldn't be there to lead the people. He actually never lead the people ,  he behaved cheap for popularity and some even believed that he was a major part of the protest which he is not. In the end when the protest was dying..after he betrayed the tamil society, he tried hard to act as though everything happened behind his back without his knowledge. It was so clear that he was a BJP agent too. The BJP party had full control over the state government after Jaya's demise.

Yes, the protest could have grew even bigger against all forms of fascism and capitalism. It had all signs and hopes of becoming the game changer in Tamil nadu history but it failed.

Many of us dint believe the protest was failing, we had hope and were supporting the protest the best we could. People even formed a human chain in the sea to sustain the protest from the police who had gone back to their cannibalistic nature. The crowd actually dint dilute even after the cheap drama by the three fringe elements but the police entered and pulled , tampered, harassed , attacked the protesters early in the morning when the crowd was at its lowest numbers. 

The police atrocity continued the next day but the few protesters who remained were strong, the temporary promise  to revoke the jallikattu ban became permanent in no time but the government dint want to just hand over the victory to us, they wanted to re install fear in the people's minds. They ordered the police to attack every protestor and also the fishermen folk who helped the protesters in the final stages. It was an inhuman attack. 

This accusation by the real fringe elements (R.J balaji, hiphop aadhi, actor Lawrence) was the first crack in the protest which allowed police to enter and cause the riot, burn fishermen’s huts etc. This is how the riot happened. Even tv channels showed videos of police doing the riot. Then the system gave an epilogue of its choice, the government officials wrote a fairy tale out of their crooked creativity, they decide how the history has to be recorded and what exactly the future generations should conceive of the protest. The BJP run puppet government and its accomplice media said it was a great protest, the people have won the rights for jallikattu as a part of their culture with unity and that the government also wished for the same but unfortunately some anti social fringe elements had infiltrated and deviated the protest from its motive of jallikattu rights to other anti social motives like independent tamil nation claim and pepsi coke ban etc. 

 Moral and resolution
This was the beginning of the currently popular fringe elements theory of bjp which is illogically used for their fascist benefits. Like how USA and Israel uses the non existent terrorism as an excuse to rampage and exploit third world countries, the Tamilnadu politicians uses the terms" anti social elements " or "Fringe elements"  to misguide the people in every protest and to get away with their mistakes. Before the marina protest they used to call all protestors as maoists, that dint work out very well over the years so they started saying fringe elements intruded in the last minute.  There is never any proof for it except some CCTV footages of few people from the protesting crowd breaking and burning the public properties in agitation, its prone to happen but when we show them back the evidence footage of Police starting the riot by burning autos or throwing stones at public.. they never accept it. The system never takes any blame against the police, instead it glorifies the police, weaponry and the army. Maybe in the upcoming protests they will update this lame theory. It has always been easy for the fascist system to deviate the public. We the people will be programmed back to think of the police as our friends.They just have to broadcast a good commercial blockbuster action movie with the lead actor in a police role or simply interview a retired police officer with visuals of various chain snatching incidents in the background.  The same has happened in the IPL protests regarding the cauvery issue and also took away 13 valuable lives in the anti sterlite protests in Thoothukudi.
This time again there were no Fringe elements except the police. The people's protest won and the Government was pushed to close down the Sterlite smelter company but they pre planned and murdered 13 protesters to re install fear in the minds of the masses. It was so obvious that the police were ordered by their elite capitalistic bosses to threaten the protesting public and to blame it on the Fringe elements 
in the end. They have popular celebrities to back up their false illogical claims. The marina protest could have been a failure in terms of its higher goals but we got back the jallikattu sport at least. It served as an inspirational milestone and paved the path for the thoothukudi protest and more to come. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A review on Kaatru veliyidai and its auteur director

Breezy expanse kannamma review. Spoilers ahead. 

Bharathwaj rangan says this material is a little boring when seen as a movie but its a remarkable achievement as a film. Yeah if we take it as an advertisement film.. yes right. Remarkable. !!! As far as i know since anjali..this auteur director has been focussing only on one thing, "visual Beauty". His stories are mostly adaptations or inspirations. That means he doesn't have a proper personal view of the world and he doesn't have an individual opinion to convey like selvaraghavan or mysskin or seenu ramasamy, balaji shakthivel and others . Mani ratnam is over hyped because his movies are being used to keep india intact as a multicultural nation. Aditi rao hydari , a tamil girl in the movies goes to sri nagar, there's a mallu nurse there, shot cuts to a tamil guy karthi in conversation with a telugu higher official so and so. Maniratnam cant just make a natural movie, he always wants to pull in the entire length of india inside his film. The glorification of the airforce & defence Dept is sickening. The movie is supporting war as the soldiers and weaponry are shown in a glamorous way,. The actual problem going on in kashmir, ie the stone pelting, army men’s atrocities on the muslim villagers and other riots are not in the movie, mani focuses only on the love in midst of war. we are restricted to see only the passionate pilots and the happy life around them. The heroine’s friend in the movie casually drinks and dances with the army men like in the advertisement of “twin birds leggings” which has the same actress dancing in it too. In real life, the defence force drinks a lot, pisses on victims, rapes women. Im generalising, yes but mani also does the same in the opposite way which is so unreal. Its blatant cheating. even though he preaches inter religious unity in his other film Bombay, it was too melodramatic and people watching it would still not feel humanity all of a sudden because a major portion of the film concentrates on the difference between hindus and muslims, it’s 90% about the problems in an inter religious marriage and about how distant the both cultures feel about each other. After watching it... People will definitely fear more to let their sons and daughters get into an inter religious marriage. Likewise his films seem to preach positive things but they overall have a negative impact on the society. The rich class and elite lifestyle shown in his films will only leave the audience desperately longing for such a life, all of us wants to live like mani Ratnam characters but only a 2% of the indians live that way and the rest 98% die dreaming and drooling for a perfect life like that. All that mani cares is visual beauty and to maintain the social class of his characters, the normal under privileged majority of the population is ignored in his films . . Roja, kannathil muthamittaal and kadal were about people suffering from problems but they were highly over dramatic and mixed with political intentions programmed to back stab the society . OK kanmani was an attempt to showcase his ideas about modern youth which was so amateur. It was sold only for the maniratnam brand name.  Mani’s lead males tend to approach girls just like that and starts speaking lines out of classic literature. He Maintains a fake hollywood shadow in his films by not allowing his characters to speak free flowingly. They unnecessarily start and stop sentences, break, pause and start artificially to make us believe whatever they are speaking is of prime importance. When karthi tries to pull aditi out of a snow storm.. She doesn't obey and he shouts " english puriyaadhaa ? ".. which sounded like a  worthless dialogue from a 70’s Shivaji film.  Likewise after taking her for a ride in a fighter jet.. She says "out of the world'aa irunduchu" She asks for permission to scream which is a good piece of performance but the fact that mani wishes to impose cool english words but also wants to pretend like its a normal dialogue is so annoying and spoils the movie experience. He hides his fetish for english vocabulary by lethargically mixing it in common tamil,  it’s not a smart trick, it only delivers dead performances. when the heroine aditi speaks to achammaa ( a character), she asks achammaa'ku enna venum, and to VC like VC' ku enna pudikkum and also  with her grand father in the same manner, unnecessarily addressing them by their names while talking because its cute.  Mani spoils his films with too much beauty but aditi is unspoilt even when her nose gets intentionally pink in cold breeze, even while the sunlight penetrates her glass face in ravi varman's cinematography, straight out of a fairy tale. She manages to be real even in mani's unreal treatment. Compared to the scene in raavanan where Aishwarya rai survives a fall from a tree into a river , droplets of water stay unnaturally over the glossy make up on her face while she tries to argue in pure Tamil against the villain who saved her life. So Aditi was not like his other heroines , must be a natural and so the money can’t be said it’s wasted but Karthi actually shouts i love you 15 times in a row, sorry, sorry ,sorry ten times in a stretch every time he is emotional reminding us of dandandandandanakka roaring of vikram in raavanan and there are some other special headaches too. As long as mani thinks he can cheat the audience by hiring the best technicians and by showcasing bourgeois characters on screen, he is going to face ridicule despite having Rahman's music and despite being a decent film maker underneath.

Interior designing, life style updates and fashion statements doesn’t equal to film making. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

The great illusionists

Please watch this video of
The cheap trick

Its obvious in my perception that The UN has well orchestrated an evil drama, A nearly believable drama with an overhyped EPIC MOMENT with the help of it's new tool , the surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO . The video stops with the finishing touch ..showing the reaction shots of heads turning in shock & eyes bulge like they have encountered the pure truth !  overdramatic, all as planned and rehearsed. 

Note the fact that PLO is a palestine people's organisation. PLO's ideology is the belief that Zionists had unjustly expelled the Palestinians from Palestine and established a Jewish state in place under the pretext of having historic and Jewish ties with Palestine. They demanded that Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their homes. This is expressed in the National Covenant. 

The same thing happened before while zionists used the nobel prize winner Malala to make the world rage against Taliban , to create a mass diversion while they were occupying Afghanistan and Iraq.  

 "I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses" - carl sagan

Its high time we clearly focus on opposing Israel's human rights violations. No more dramas.  Israel controls the US and the IMF. The rothschild owns israel. Only a few in the comments section seems to be aware. Israel always names the revolutionary groups and freedom fighters as terrorists. Its cheap tricks still sells. 

The propaganda by the UN watch page says ..
In only 3 hours, this video already has:
*335,301 reached

They are programming our minds. Wake up ! 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

star boy 🌟

He was a carpenter, a shepherd, a lord, the ultimate rebel. Probably black, Palestinian, Tibetan monk. A man of too many hash tags. Born to a virgin under the star 🌟 and yet so modest. Mary Magdalene's true love 💘, the sign of hope and freedom. The revenant, the sun, horus, Jesus !! BGM fades...
Gawd!! Why cant I just say merry Christmas 🎅 instead.. Its because that stuff is for children who loves to jingle all the time. Me on the other hand is busy amazed at the timeless consciousness and the awareness behind it. The possibility and probability of Jesus. The awakening. The holy ghost.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

caste and incest

After the caste based murder in Tamil Nadu .. lots of real opinions are appearing in many Face book posts which shows the real nature of a lot of people who are still living inside a very closed circle of fundamentalism. Some people are even pulling science inside their arguments to validate casteism. They say they don't want to mess up with their genetic purity which has been preserved for generations. Is someone going to teach them that biodiversity is the beauty of life and the survival of a species is dependent on genetic mutation and variation ?? variation is very important for evolution or else our species will face mass extinction. The Genetic problems of the people in a specific caste can be repaired only by breeding with a different caste or race. Mutation and variation will happen only in natural selection and for that we need sexual selection. Asking your parents to find a girl or boy for you in a community matrimonial site is not natural selection , it is unnatural no matter how much dignified you think it is. In fact breeding inside your caste is like breeding inside your family , yes caste marriage is almost like incest. Inbreeding will cause major problems on the long run and it is unnatural.Nature doesn't give a damn about your family values or cultural habits. Society has to worship nature not the other way around. For natural selection to happen, sexual selection must happen in its natural method. The female is the dominant one in selecting the mate... She is the one who fertilises and carries the baby , goes under a transformation and delivering a baby is almost a resurrection. She knows whats best for her baby , so she chooses a suitable male , a suitable partner , this process doesn't happen by your family values or social ethnic rules ... this is beyond all that , the body and mind has an innate ingenious mechanism to do this. She selects the male not just by his looks but by his smell and other biological signals, she can receive signals from mother nature. Women are more intuitive and instinctive than men. The girl's father involving in this process is like Karadi (bear) entering a shiva pooja . Its not even her decision , its natures divine intervention through her body and mind. But these days in modern society a girl or a boy is heavily conditioned and mind programmed from childhood by the family and society to follow certain rules and restrictions. They believe it is very important in life , these rules are based on silly nonsense issues like family pride , distribution of wealth, superiority complex based on caste, religion etc , these are belief systems and has nothing to do with nature. As said above .. nature doesn't give a shit to all these. The problem is due to heavy conditioning of the mind .. we fail to live in sync with nature and we restrict ourselves from the natural order of life. Here comes the role for the ultimate elixir of life. Guess what ?? Yess ... " LOVE " 
No matter what your family teaches you ... you are going to elope with your boyfriend or girlfriend because Love is such a strong force , its a natural software installed in our minds which connects you with your soul and so and so . The cosmic force is so strong .... Your daughter is sure going to run away with who she chose. Its not immoral or unethical or a disgrace to the the family who brought her up by sweating their balls off. Someone giving up their love for the status or prestige of their family is equal to the parents murdering the couple for the same silly reasons. Standing for love is dignity, sacrificing your love for your parents doesn't make you a saint , it only makes a zombie out of you and your family. Following the crowd is the problem , following your heart is the solution , as simple as that. We should know nature is more intelligent than all of us combined . . . Gay , lesbian , bisexual and incest happens because its part of nature too , If each one of us start deconditioning our mind..only then we will know what our actual sexual nature and responses are. Not every sexual feeling is meant for reproduction. The marriage system , monogamy, sex with a single partner are all social conditioning of the mind. Infact these rules are the real problems of life, Men and women suffer mentally to prove their sexual purity , virginity or whatever... it creates stress and this society even has laws and punishments for these relationship issues, cant get any sillier than this, its a disgrace to humanity. Even today in many tribal communities ... women can have sex with any number of partners and that doesn't judge her moral values. its just sex. When it comes to reproduction , it is a serious procedure.... Nature has a beautiful mechanism as said above to choose a right partner to create the right offspring. Believe it or not ... The smell of siblings is naturally unattractive... if you smell your brother or sister or parents , they will smell worse than a stranger. it is nature's mechanism to avoid inbreeding. Still incest may happen due to natural curiosity but i will say it happens mostly due to the sexual stress and deprivation due to the social conditions. The more we treat is as a sin, the more it happens ... Coming back to the problem of caste ... Caste is one form of patriarchy , the women who is the dominant one in natural selection is suppressed in this society. All decisions are taken by the patriarchy ... this is a serious flaw in the system and we are living a worthless life. Some caste fanatics ... even though educated ... they don't have common sense . People don't want to die , don't want to age and dont want to get old even though its an inevitable integral part of our life. People pray to God for health and good fortune , they use God as a doctor or lawyer but they don't accept the wisdom of life in every religion , that is to accept death and to escape materialism and sensual desires. So religion is just used on a windows firewall level , its just an additional security and it gives an identity for the people who dont know what they are doing in this world. Religion and caste is like an identity card for people who dont have any greater purpose or philosophy about life. People want a permanent happiness in life through absurd ways... according to the eastern religions and vedas ... permanent happiness can come only when you lose every desire , sense and every single thought of your mind , atleast we have to be unattached to these things because its very hard to totally silence the mind. These people have an approach of life which doesn't silence the mind but makes it more noisy and rugged. They seek permanent happiness through accumulation of wealth but no matter how much you accumulate for how many generations , you will still have fear of losing it one day , fear fear fear dominates the mind and so they fix to something called caste , its an illusion of pride which follows generations. Even thought they become poor , they will say im from this caste , we used to be this that... , so this looks like permanent happiness right ?! and they will even murder people to maintain their caste pride. Historians and activists blame on the hindu law or manusmriti for the caste system. Its true hindu religions holds caste system in its core eventhough it doesnt advocate it. So will caste end if we destroy hindusim ? NO , as i just said ... people need it for identity and to have a grip on permanent happiness and pride. so they will sure maintain it apart from hinduism, they need that hierarchy in some form.
These caste fanatics believe ... caste has some important history. Let me elaborate on that history a bit ... Throughout the history we have seen big civilisations fall for invaders from outside. . These invaders will have an upper hand because the big civillisation would have stopped focusing on combat and started education, medicine , astronomy and spirituality. so unexpected battles were always an headache. These invaders after killing the soldiers and imprisoning the protesters will now get amazed by the innovations and inventions of this big civillisation and will want to own it even before they want to learn it. So they decide to live and rule in this new place.. they will start converting the local people to whatever the invader's religion is. They will sure realise the language and culture of this place is superior and sophisticated than theirs , so in order to own the land and claim the language , science and everything as theirs ... they will 1. add some of their own language into the already developed sophisticated language and make few changes , give a new name to it and claim it theirs. 2. convert the people of the place to the invaders religion to claim the people as their people. This may sound stupid but after a thousand years the people wont know their own history , its hard to trace when the ruling power keeps manipulating the history records and keep mingling into the culture more and more. 3.change all the temples, monuments and all architecture into their style with a little modification. 4. divide the states where people have a strong common ethnicity. divide the people into new caste names . 5. change the already existing occupational family names and clans into castes. Then introduce some dirty politics and make the people fight among themselves. 6.The ethnic group or community which protests more , fights more will be politically oppressed and suppressed into the lowest class or caste and they will be named and treated like that forever...
7.The group which supports the invaders or adjusts with them will be given some little power in the administration and be named as high class or caste. 8. Education will be prohibited , food and medicine will be limited and other basic needs will be restricted for the lower class.


So over the years ... the lower class will forget their history and be ignorant. They will be physically and mentally weak, if this continues for some ten generations ... they will have lower IQ because their Genes will adapt only by the environment they live in.
If brahmins are a superior caste in this society,,, if you put them in inferior low caste treatment for ten generations ... they will exhibit only lower IQ and weak health.

Thats why we have reservations and quotas for the backward castes, to balance them with the rest of the society , as a remedy. It is important to do this for atleast ten generations even if their economical conditions increase every generation. Suddenly cutting off their remedy might make them fall into the abyss again. After a few generation we can make sure they can take care themselves. This is a basic quality for a society to operate. So if a caste fanatic thinks lower castes have bad ethics, etiquette and knowledge, that is because this society has put them in poverty and torture for generations. There are no low castes and higher castes .... there are only politically oppressed and politically supported castes. There are only some smart castes who found their way through the crisis and innocent castes who lost their life in the crisis. There are no good caste or bad caste , there are no high caste or low caste. This is a cycle. Entire life is a cycle , entire karma is a cyclic process, history is cyclic. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall , civilisations flourish and civilisations die. Religions become myths and myths become science. its all cyclic.

If you had seen the movie "Dance with wolves " you will see what the Native Red indians thought about the westerners on their first contact. . . the indians thought westerners were dirty and smelly. Their life was spiritual kind and they had their own medicines culture and everything, they lived with nature and offered prayers to the food they ate, i mean literally , not just a formal prayer in the dinner table as you destroy the whole world with war and capitalism in the meanwhile. This dirty westerners are who we call as americans now , they preach democracy to the world now and we feel they are the superior white race. Its all a bunch of nonsense.

As long as we are conformists and believe whatever we learn in our school books and follow whatever the mainstream media says ,,, we will only be Zombies.

IF you put a sect of people in poverty and never help them come up.... then they will engage in crime for money and the law will just jail them and treat that sect as social evil and untouchable. This is the basic of all politics. This is how government makes us believe we need them for the society to function. In one word " Fear tactics"
If anyone still wants to hold their caste pride and religious superiority ..... ok just live the life you want and see whats its worth for but you are not going to be one among the many who will change this world. 

Who do you want to be ???? Don't be a sheep , make your choice.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whats that smell ?

Today, physicists announced the first-ever direct detection of gravitational waves. Is it a good news or bad news ? There are two worlds of science. The Einstein's general theory of relativity which explains space time ie classical physics. The another world is Quantum physics which says or moves towards the notion that space and time are illusions. General relativity is a boon for atheists and science freaks whereas quantum physics is becoming a surprise gift for the spiritualists as it is very metaphysical and of course for the science lovers too. Now coming to the point ... Today, physicists announced the first-ever direct detection of gravitational waves. I don't doubt the existence of gravitational waves but whats that smell ??? I was going through this article about the detection of gravitational waves and found a few things intriguing. The article This discovery was made by LIGO, ( Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory)
Its founders are Kip Thorne, Ronald Drever, and Rainer Weiss. They will be getting a Nobel prize for this. But have you heard the name Kip Thorne before ? He is a popular scientist but became more popular worldwide after he worked as the scientific consultant in the science fiction film Interstellar. Just think about the order of events ... 
 A Nobel prize was given in 1993 for the discovery of a new type of pulsar, a discovery that has opened up new possibilities for the study of gravitation.
Interstellar was released just one year back which dealt with gravitons or gravitational energy in Future human science. 
This year the Scientists Detect Gravitational waves directly. The article majorly explains how they detected the gravitational waves from distant galaxies, caused by the merging of binary black holes( also a big discovery) some 1.3 billion light-years away, somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere sky near the Large Magellanic Cloud, our dwarf galaxy neighbor. They did it with the help of two L shaped lab facilities. But it also registers some subliminal information to the masses who believe in science such as :

1. “It’s a spectrum that carries entirely new kinds of information that have so far been largely invisible,” - physicist Robert Owen (Oberlin College). 2. "This is the end of the silent-movie era in astronomy." - Eric Katsavounidis (MIT and LIGO team member) 

3. Einstein’s general theory of relativity says that gravitational waves should carry away orbital energy, and indeed, these pulsars’ orbits spiral inward at exactly the rate relativity predicts.

4. The direct detection of gravitational waves represents another triumph for Einstein, almost exactly 100 years after he predicted their existence 

SO we see the glorification of Einstein everywhere and obviously they are creating expectations in our minds that we are entering a new phase of science and we are about to witness amazing possibilities of new planets , new star systems , cosmic strings and all the tantalizing prospects. This means more money to scientific research, more belief in the space time theory and more belief that the world is made up of matter. Why should it be a problem ??

In layman's terms ..

Einstein's physics or mainstream physics says and time exists.
B.Quantum physics says space and time might be illusions.

2. A.World is made up of matter(particles) , the movement or vibration of particles causes waves.
    B. particles can become waves and waves can become particle (weird dualistic nature)

3. A. Matter exists in a time frame and things like speed mass time dilation contraction and simultaneity can differ based on relativity.
    B. The mind is the matrix of all matter. Things exist or dont exist based on the observer, they behave as wave or particle based on the observer.

4. A. the laws of nature are invariant. They behave the same in all conditions.
    B. laws of nature varies because matter is an illusion. it doesn't exist. when you really know it , you can tap the possibilities like how Neo in the movie matrix could stop bullets..

5. A. The observer and the object are two different things.
    B. The observer and the object are the same when observed.
         An object can be in two places at the same time.
         Quantum entanglement ie changing a particle can affect the other particle which may be thousands of miles away , what entangles them.. we dont know. Weird rite ??

That's why Einstein called it as the spooky action. Obviously he dint understand it and he opposed it . He mocked it. Anyways as we can clearly see ...
A. Mainstream physics can lead to , already took us into the industrial revolution and will make more advancements in it.
B. Quantum physics has all the possibilities to evoke a spiritual revolution. The possibility of things like teleportation, telekinesis, all that we see in spiritual books, magical stories and religious epics.

Einstein could have been a little spiritual but the capitalism controlled world only used his science to build a materialistic cage for humans. On the other hand Quantum physics even though its basically the science of subatomic particles and can also be used for industrial purposes.. it has all the magic kept locked in it , the more we decode it , the more spiritual and magical the world becomes.
There is no matter , only consciousness and with our awareness we can choose between possibilities and therefore travel dimensions and parallel worlds. This is the same theory what the spiritualists and advaita philosophers and siddhars have been telling us in the past. We are all one and by living in the source we can break from the cage of this illusion of materialistic world.

The global elites , the bankers and industrialists , their secret societies have the science under control. No..I'm not writing a fictional screenplay, its real. I've made clear that they are promoting only the space time physics and are suppressing the Quantum magical realities. They are not only doing that but are also controlling the mainstream Einstein's science. Whistle blowers from NASA and US defence teams have leaked us a lot of information about Gravitational energy , anti gravity propulsion systems for space ships and Gravitational vortex generators. We've been having this technology for generations and the most powerful governments in the world has kept it as a secret from us humans.
This means we have already discovered all these but the humans are let to know it only step by step by huge time intervals like 50 years later so that we still rely on the primitive oil based resources and money based economy.

Like i mentioned above the facts they present to us and the order of events are too smelly , too fishy , i smell conspiracy. Film makers like Stanley kubrick were tried to be controlled by the secret societies and they might have used him as a tool for mass mind control but we dont know if  kubrick was totally in their hands , he left many symbolism in his movies about these secret occult evil elites in his movies like eyes wide shut. That's one reason they say we can understand it only after some 20 years or so. Its because people are not aware of these secret societies and their plans. Whatever it maybe our concern has to be on the present ... i see Christopher Nolan as the new Kubrick ... and they could be using his movies to warm us up , to prepare our minds for whats coming... like we may actually lose our planet due to pollution or some nuclear accident and will have to live on space colonies floating on artificial gravity. To make us believe that's normal to happen and to not raise questions or revolt against such a possibility. Still Nolan managed to put some magical realities in his movie like Love is inter dimensional and we can travel possibilities when we tap the singularity , the source etc.. thats why i believe he is the new kubrick. They are geniuses. One cant actually control them or can they be ??? We will find in the future.

So tell me .. is it Good news or Bad news ? keep smelling. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The human experience

The higher realm calls me, its my guide. 
i need to renew my peace of mind.

The mountains are calling. its my ride.
filling my lungs by the window side.

The clouds, fruits and the sheep of the pasture.
the haunting urge to re connect with nature. 
The darkness is meant for friends and fire.
in solitude i let my brain rewire. 

The altitude is reached, it feels like home.
I don't have a plan but i know where to go.
The pursuit of happiness, the knowledge of soul.
I have a mind to throw and a heart to grow. 

We're excited we got it though not fresh as we thought it. 
But the count is right and we consumed that night.
In Terrence we trust, we're not gonna doubt it. 
To try it with music and absolutely no light.  

Nothing did happen, my friends start to frown.
but i had hope, my stomach will churn.
after all the travel and after all the wait.
maybe a few more minutes, I'll just sit tight. 
We almost lost hope as the chance went thinner.
but the magic happened as we finished our dinner.
It hits at the wrong time and could be a torture
in the midst of ghost pranks and a boring lecture.
But here it is, the feeling has arrived. 
I'm already in bed, entering the void.

To love it or hate it , i'm in trance and turmoil
My friends already slept. we were close as a pile
They started a choir like how water starts to boil. 
i felt so funny even claustrophobic for a while. 

The boys in deep sleep were not to be blamed.
I took the challenge and to elevate i aimed.
the thirst to liberate from the reality that is framed.  
i was pulled down by the choir, the Ego reclaimed. 

Up up i fly and down down i came. 
i thought to avoid thoughts and it was all so lame.
to escape all the noise, to even forget my name.
to find my light,  my source, it was a tricky game.

the enlightened masters, will they give me a hand.
out from the snore storm into no mans land.
nisargadatta and osho , their distorted face
a mind in despair grows in infinite ways.

I was shook strongly, the hiccups of my soul
should i go out into the mystic mountain cold
i heard a friend open doors to pick charcoal
we raised a fire that burned new like gold

Both disappointed as the reality was sore.
we lit the bong, so at least sleep will pour.
and so went that night, all efforts in vain.
This is human experience, yeah ! i'll try again.

---------------------------------------------------   living in the now ----------------------------------------------